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Matt Baier Responds To Son’s Claims About Him Exclusive

Exclusive Response!

update: The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reached out to the author of the original article-  Donna Thomas- who told them, “[Chris] was not paid a nickel [for the interview]. Chris was not paid and I sought him out, not the other way around. Chris wasn’t manipulated. He wanted to warn Amber, he’s concerned for her, that’s all.”

she also claimed the interview with his son was done in late May/early June.

We reached back out to Baier who told us, “I just know what Chris told me and on our end it’s a dead issue  Chris and I are great.”

here is our original story:

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s fiance, Matt Baier, has frequently been the subject of tabloid fodder. However, things hit a new level this morning when an article was released with his oldest son, Christopher, slamming him. Baier exclusively spoke to us this morning to speak out about this article and his son. What did he have to tell us?

Matt Baier Son Story Exclusive Response

“This involves my son,” Baier began with telling us. “Typically I don’t respond to articles about me and have kept silent on all the rumors and gossip that have bene perpetuated about me; however, with this being about my son, I had to set the record straight on this.”
“On the surface, this seems like a scathing article, depicting a 25-year-old man who is really hurt and so forth,” Baier continued. “That’s actually not what happened. What actually happened is he was contacted by the press numerous times in the last six moths or so and offered money to say bad things about me. Him and I talked about this and he contacted me about it.”
“It’s important to note my son has a bad drug addiction,” Baier added, “and he was completely strung out when he started talking about six months ago. He was in trouble with the law and in between places to live. When you’re offered an amount of money by anybody when you’re in that situation it’s really tough to turn down.”

Baier had more to say, telling us that, “He called me and said ‘Dad, look. They’re offering me this money. I told them I don’t have anything bad to say towards you. I’m not going to talk to them.’ I told him at that point he can do whatever he wants, but that it’s not about him, that they would come back and focus on his criminal problems, etc. At that point, Amber and I were trying to help him get his life together. Being what we’ve been through in life we’re kind of the perfect people to guide him in the right direction.”

Matt Baier Son

“The last conversation we had, he asked us to help him and his girlfriend get an apartment, as he wanted to start his life over,” Baier continued. “We were willing to help with this and we never heard back from him after that. Numerous phone calls and texts went unreturned. As a father, I was panicked, wondering what was going on with my son.”
“When this article came out this morning,” Baier explained, “his mother and I spoke, she said he actually spoke to the press while he was very, very high a few months ago, and the article that came out this morning was a result of his conversation when he was really strung out. Thank goodness from what I understand now he’s clean and has a job and a new apartment. He has changed his phone number so he doesn’t have contact with his ex drug contacts. He’s really making an effort now which makes me the happiest guy in the world. We’ve tried for years to get him clean. That’s not how the world sees that. When they read an article like that, they read that at face value.”
Baier then told us he could understand why his son did what he did, stating, “When I was using and I was down on my luck and didn’t have a place to live, if someone would have offered me money, I probably would have said anything they wanted me to say at the time. I get that. I love my son unconditionally and I have no anger towards him, but it makes me sad that the press is talking to people who basically are out for/want/need money.
All the stuff that you see written about me- he has 9 children- I’ve never responded to it due to who the people are that are making the comments,” Baier dished “It’s people who want their name in the press and people who want to get paid. And they have. In this process I’ve had people demand money from me or claim they’ll tell the press something. This is why we have never stepped up and said anything. I’m not going to get involved in childish games and blackmail.”
Baier wrapped with saying that, “I love my son. This article doesn’t upset me, as it will pass and it won’t hurt me; rather, it upsets me he was in a vulnerable place in his life and manipulated.”
Baier also added to fans of Teen Mom OG that, “Amber and I are doing well and have never been in a better place together. We are continuing to look forward to our wedding and spending the rest of our lives together.”
We appreciate Baier speaking to us exclusively and clarifying the story.
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