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RHOD BFF’s Now Feuding? Exclusive!

BFF’s No More?

One of the funniest and endearing parts of The Real Housewives of Dallas was watching the close dynamic of BFF’s Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. During the course of the season, we watched the dynamic duo be there to support each other through the good and the bad times. Could there be a divide in their friendship, though, now that the season has wrapped? Read on for exclusive details.

Brandi Redmond Stephanie Hollman RHOD Feuding Exclusive

According to one of sources we spoke to, they dished that, “While Stephanie and Brandi were close, the pair are definitely having issues in their friendship and are currently not as close as they were.”

Another insider echoed the same sentiments, saying that, “There has definitely been a divide in their friendship since the season wrapped.”

What are the issues over?

One of our sources revealed that, “Since the show put them in the limelight, one of them has begun behaving differently- clearly putting fame over friendship and it’s upsetting the other one.

Another source went on to add that, “There were issues throughout the season, but they were brushed aside; however, things recently have occurred that have not been so easy to look away from.

Our other insider confirmed all of these details, adding that, “This has led to the pair not being as close and their friendship beginning to fall apart.”

We really like these two as friends and are hopeful they can work through the issues they may have with one another.

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