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Brooks Responds To Vicki ‘Taking Responsibility’ For ‘Cancer Scandal’ Exclusive

Exclusive Response!

Recently, we spoke to Brooks Ayers about why he still speaks to ex Vicki Gunvalson, of The Real Housewives of Orange County (read about that here). After our conversation, we saw an interview Gunvalson did with The Huffington Post where she talked about her involvement in the “cancer scandal” and seemed to take some responsibility for her actions. We reached out again to Ayers to see what he thought of Gunvalson’s comments. In our conversation, we also spoke about how he can sympathize with all of the women who are currently dealing with Gunvalson’s antics due to what he lived with for years. Read on to see specifically what he had to say.

Brooks Ayers Vicki Responsibility Cancer Scandal Exclusive

When talking to The Huffington Post, Gunvalson specifically said that, “I never lied. I made a mistake by exposing and showing some vulnerability on my partner’s side on how he was sick. In hindsight, I should have kept it private.
This quote is interesting for a few reasons. First, prior to this, she has always claimed she made “no mistakes” other than “trusting a man she loved” and now she’s openly admitting to a mistake regarding how she was involved in “exposing” Ayers. Also, Ayers has openly discussed before how he wanted his cancer diagnosis to remain private and not fodder for the show. It finally seems that Gunvalson, with her quote, is also admitting that it should have remained private. 
In response to her quote, Ayers told us that, “It is nice to see Vicki finally taking some level of public accountability for what she did. I asked her to keep my diagnosis between us and she did not. She also consistently mis-communicated things regarding my diagnosis to the women, which I firmly believe is the reason they began to doubt my diagnosis in the first place.
In regards to him owning his involvement in things that went down last year, Ayers said, “I’ve owned my lies regarding fabricating false documents. That’s all I did and this was only after Vicki claimed the other women were bullying her into making me show something. It was wrong, but I’ve apologized for it and owned it. Vicki told far more lies regarding my health and what I was dealing with, so that’s on her, and as you can see with The Huffington Post, she is starting to own it and admit to it.
Ayers also dished on how he sympathizes with the other women having to deal with Gunvalson, telling us that, “I completely get it (why they’re frustrated with her).  I dealt with it on/off camera for five years. Vicki is Vicki.”
There is a reason why she’s been on TV for 11 seasons,” Ayers wrapped with telling us. “All I can say is that I chose to remove myself from that relationship and I have found much peace in my life now.”
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