Lily Lambert Moving On

Lily Lambert- Moving On Album Review

A Great Album!

Last Christmas, I got to review Lily Lambert‘s Merry Christmas With Love, which we considered quite the gem of the season (read about that here). With how much I enjoyed her Christmas album, I was ecstatic to get the chance to hear her new album, Moving On, which was released on July 1st. So how is her new album? Read on for my thoughts.

Lily Lambert Moving On Album Review

The album opens with “I Forgive You,” and I was immediately struck with the beautiful piano and how great Lambert’s voice sounded over it. I also loved the melancholy nature of the song, which is about moving on from a relationship that ended in a bad way. The lyrics were also heartbreaking, especially when Lambert sang, “It’s been a long time coming, I finally feel that I can get my life on track. I’ve spent a long time hurting, so many days that disappeared into the black.” Overall, this definitely was an impressive opener that commands the listeners attention.

“Thank You,” which follows, keeps the somber mood going, but features an acoustic guitar with drums instead of the piano. Sonically, the song is a perfect follow up to “I Forgive You,” as Lambert sings about someone who helped her through a hard time (most likely the hard time she experienced in the previous song).

“Change,” which appears later, is definitely one of the standout tracks on the album. While it had nothing to do with relationships, as some of the other songs do, I liked that the song had a social message about how things in the world need to change. I also liked the introspective lyrics that draw the listener in immediately, especially when Lambert opens with, “Where have all the protest songs gone? Why don’t we take a stand? It’s not because there’s nothing wrong… we’re in trouble.”

“Pour Another Drink,” which closes out the album, was also another standout to me. The song is very upbeat, both sonically and lyrically, with the theme being about just celebrating “tonight.” I liked that on an album which has so much tension- both personal and social- Lambert chose to end the album on a celebratory note, reminding us that even through all the curveballs and tough situations life throws in our direction, we sometimes have to just have a good time and put the bad situations aside.

Other highlights on the album include the pretty “(Wanna Say) I’m Sorry” and the somber “Say It Isn’t So.”

Overall, with Moving On, Lambert has crafted an introspectively beautiful album that is absolutely worth checking out. This is certainly one of the best things I’ve heard in quite some time.

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