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Farah Abraham- Dr. Drew Is A Disgusting Sicko

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Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham became the source of some controversial comments by Dr. Drew earlier today (read about that here). In his diatribe, Dr. Drew claimed he would “strangle” Abraham, amongst other things. Abraham spoke to Radar Online to officially give her response. What did she have to say?

Farrah Abraham Dr. Drew Is A Disgusting Sicko

Abraham began by saying that, “I no longer will credit Dr. Drew as a professional ethical Doctor. As well I will no longer have him around me of army health and safety due to his violent ‘strangle’ actioning.”

“Dr. Drew clearly is frustrated by me as I don’t let him in my life and he has proven why as he’s a whacko,” she continued.

“It’s disgusting when a Doctor who you think can empathize and understand you for many years says they want to strangle you and then call me beautiful and a woman but then again acts like all I do is porn,” Abraham added, then saying that, “Ok Dr. Drew. It sounds like you want to strangle and f**k me. Gross!

While saying she hopes “your marriage is doing okay,” Abraham continued to lay into Dr. Drew, stating that, “Dr. Drew reality check. I have a restaurant now. I’ve had two degrees. Opening two more businesses this year. I’m successful in many things beyond a celebrity sex tape that you probably still watch daily.”

Abraham wrapped with saying, “To the women out there: Never let any doctor or know-it-all man speak horribly about you or your future. I only feel horrible for people like Dr. Drew who have to lie about hard working, positive, and prospering people like myself to make them feel better and get attention form media since he’s so desperate for it.”

Whoa! This is definitely a powerful response.

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