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Kim and Kanye Feuding Over Weight?


Weight Feud?

Kanye West is fat shaming his wife Kim Kardashian when it comes to her losing the last bit of pregnancy weight from her second pregnancy. Read on for the explosive details.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Feud Over Weight

Reality superstar and the mother of two has been very open about her struggle to lose weight. She has been documenting her weight loss journey on her snapchat but continues to struggle to shed the last 15-20 lbs. According to Radar Online, hubby Kanye West has been pressuring her to snap back to her “old self” and quickly. 
Radar Online family insider reveals, “Kim was feeling so self-conscious on the Fourth of July that she did not want to go to any parties. She and Kanye have been fighting non-stop.”
To make matters worse, the Radar insider further reveals, [Kanye] always talks about how hot her body used to be. Of course Kim is bitter at him for it. He is fat shaming her.”
Kim recently tweeted about her getting back on the Atkins diet and how it has helped her to lose weight in the past.
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