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Yummie By Heather Thomson In Legal Battle Exclusive

Tummie Troubles!

When Real Housewives of New York City star Heather Thomson was on the show, one of the things she was best known for was her Yummie Tummie brand of shapewear. Now, according to court documents we have uncovered from late last year, Yummie may be in significant trouble all due to Eric Rothfield, a business partner Thomson had. Read on for details.

Yummie By Heather Thomson Legal Trouble Exclusive

According to an affidavit filed by Thomson that we obtained, she requested that the court grant a temporary restraining order on Rothfield. 

When reading through the affidavit, Thomson describes how the brand- Yummie by Heather Thomson- features her name and she is a majority owner of it; however, according to Thomson, Rothfield “created a toxic work environment, put his interests ahead of those of the company to the extent of putting the entire company at risk, and made decisions harmful to the company.” 

Thomson also describes how Rothfield refused to appoint a manager that everyone felt should be appointed, which goes against agreements they had previously made. Also of note is that she claims he was “fraudulently” marking down inventory Yummie had to a lower cost, when it was already selling for a higher cost.

Rothfield has put the company at serious risk of default,” Thomson explains in her affidavit, and “the fate of Yummie is at stake… Rothfield is attempting to force me and the rest of the senior management out of the company by not paying me, not approving expenses, not approving purchase orders, and stripping plaintiffs and our directors of any autonomy or the ability to do our jobs.”

Thomson goes on to note that if things do not change in regards to her motion being approved and the defendants motion being denied, “there is a substantial likelihood that a successful, burgeoning young company with 47 employees [Yummie Tummie] will ultimately cease to exist.” 

Fans who have followed Yummie for a while likely have noted that the newsletters sound different than they used to, as Thomson used to be in charge of them.

Sources in the industry tell us that, “Thomson, herself the founder and creator of the Yummie by Heather Thomson brand, her  co-founder and partner Michelle Mooring and President Wendy Herman are no longer at the helm leading the brand they built. They resigned from their posts several months ago along with over 17 other key managers and employees.”

“Rothfeld is playing to the facade of Thomson still being the creative director and continuing to use her namesake while her absence is in fact becoming increasingly more apparent to true fans,” they added.

Stay tuned for more information from the court documents that we will be sharing soon.

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