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We fell in love with Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati on season three of Bravo’s hit series, Newlyweds: The First Year. Both Craig and Brandon are very physically active and live a very healthy lifestyle. Since fitness is a huge part of both of their lives, especially Craig’s who is a fitness expert, the couple decided to make a workout video entitled: Workout’s A Drag. This high energy and entertaining video will get you off the couch and on your feet! We got a chance to check out the workout video and catch up with our friend Craig Ramsay, and let’s just say that his workout video is just as amazing as him!

Craig Ramsay Workout Video Conversation

Craig has always been a very active guy. Even from a very young age! “I was very interested in sports as a child and that grew into a love of dance and ballet. Then when I was on Broadway, it inspired me to learn more about my own health. I was by cast mates from Mamma Mia that I turned from a boy to a man in 3 months with my workout routine. All the girls were swooning and they were asking about my workout routine, and I started sharing it and I became the go-to trainer for the Broadway community”, Craig shared with us.

Craig has been helping people accomplish their fitness goals for years, and has even trained fellow bravolebrities such as Jeana Keough from The Real Housewives of Orange County, and a lot of the drags queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, who inspired Craig to create his new workout video. “Drag queens are extremely popular amongst women now with bachelorette parties and drag bingo and because I train a number of the drag race queens, I took what was working with the entertainment aspect and put it into this DVD for all people to enjoy a workout at home. Not everyone wants to do a workout so I wanted to make this fun so everyone actually wants to do this one!”

Craig adores Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons who are his biggest fitness idols and inspirations because they made fitness fun for everyone. Craig created Workout’s A Drag for that exact reason! He wanted everyone to enjoy working out just as much as him, no matter how old you are! The workout is very manageable and the workout can be adapted as needed. It is specifically very manageable time wise, so even the busiest person has no excuse not to do it! Craig told us that, “I broke it up into five minute sections that can be combined depending how long someone has to dedicate to the workout that day. Even if you only do five minutes, i’ll be happy because that adds up to success.” This workout really does have something for everyone!

Now we can’t forget about Craig’s amazing husband, Brandon Liberati! He was very involved in this project as well. Brandon has over twenty years professionally as a hairstylist and makeup artist and is very talented! The DVD has a section with beauty tips and how to look flawless after the workout! That is just another way that makes this workout DVD very unique.

Craig has so many more exciting things happening in the near future that we’ll just have to stay tuned for, but he teaches many different unique fitness classes that you must check out if you’re in Los Angeles! Follow Craig on social media to keep up with everything going on in his life and get amazing fitness/healthy living tips!

Twitter, Instagram, & Periscope: @CraigRamsayFit

Brandon’s Twitter & Instagram: @BrandonLiberati

Also, purchase Craig’s new workout DVD on their website:

Learn more about the DVD by checking out @workoutsadrag on Twitter and Instagram!

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