GG Reza Sex Tape

GG’s Claims She Had Sex Tape Of Reza Were Motivated Exlcusive

Motivated Lie!

Last night on Shahs of Sunset, there was a lot of tension in Belize when Reza Farahan confronted Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi about her claims regarding her rheumatoid arthritis. Later in the episode, GG made a shocking claim about Reza, claiming she had a video of him having sex with a man from his gym. So why did GG say this and was there any truth to it? We spoke exclusively to a production insider who dished on the situation.

GG Reza Sex Tape Claims Motive Driven Exclusive

The production source we spoke to exclusively told us that, “There was a lot more than what viewers saw in terms of the fight between GG and Reza.”

“Specifically,” the insider continued, “GG said a lot of nasty things to Reza that were cut, including vicious comments about his weight and age.”

The source had more to add, revealing to us that, “After the fight, GG wanted to hug it out and move past it with Reza, but he was hurt by what she did and said and refused to make up with her. It was only then that she suddenly started making claims she had a sex tape of Reza and another man in her possession.”

“That claim couldn’t be further from the truth,” the source added, “and fans will see later in the season that her story regarding this tape changes from she had it to she’d seen it.”

 Our insider wrapped with telling us that, “GG clearly needed to invent something to try to hurt Reza, so she came up with this bogus story regarding a sex tape. As was clear in last night’s episode, though, was that no one possibly believes the fabricated story.”

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