Tamra Vicki Spin Off

Tamra and Vicki Spin Off Coming?


Recently, we have reported on how Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has gotten mad at Tamra Judge even though Gunvalson has been talking extensively about Judge in the press (read about that here). Now, in a very confusing move, Gunvalson has claimed she wants a spin-off show with Judge! Want details?

Tamra and Vicki Spin Off Coming

Gunvalson told Reality Tea that, “Tamra and I do good TV together. I don’t wanna lose that, so she’s gonna have to really realize that she’s not perfect at all in this friendship.”

“She wants to keep blaming me and saying, ‘Oh I’m the victim. Oh, I’m deflecting,’” Gunvalson continued. “I’m not deflecting – I’ll own what I’ve messed up on. Will she? Some days she does, some days she doesn’t.”

She added that, “I want the best for Tamra. I love Tamra. I want to continue to film with Tamra.”

While those comments were confusing enough as she bashed Judge right before claiming she loved her, she then bizarrely noted that, “I want our own spinoff. I think we’d be fun together. Tamra and I have actually talked about it. We don’t need all the other girls.”

This truly is a bizarre statement, as Gunvalson has slammed Judge in the press as of late (read more about that here), so we’re not sure why Gunvalson would think Judge would ever want a spin off with her.

Furthermore, her comments are a bit insulting to the rest of the cast, insinuating there is no need for any of them, so there’s that.

Personally, we could never see Judge agreeing to this unless things drastically changed between the pair, so for now we won’t be holding our breaths for this show.

Tell us- would you want to see Tamra and Vicki having a spin off show together? Sound off in the comments below.

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