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Jenelle’s Sister Slams Her- Jace Should Stay With Mom!

Harsh Words!

Last night, MTV aired Being Barbara, a special about Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans‘s Mom (which we showed a preview of here). In the special, Barbara sat down with Jenelle’s sister, Ashleigh, and the issue of custody of Evans’s first son, Jace, was brought up. In the conversation, Ashleigh slammed her sister regarding the issue of custody. Read on for details.

Jenelle Evans Sister Slams Her Jace Should Stay With Mom

“After her and Nathan broke up, she said she was just going to let things ride about custody,” Barabra explained to Ashleigh in the episode. “Now all of a sudden she’s like going to custody… again.”

“Do you think David has a lot to do with what Jenelle is doing now that she’s been with him?” Ashleigh asks. “Or is it just the combination of the both of them?”

“I think it’s like a combination,” Barbara answers.

Ashleigh then goes on to say that, “I think that she always has these boyfriends and they really don’t stick around for a long time and it’s constant chaos.”

“I don’t know,” Ashleigh continued. “I think that Jace should stay with you at least until he’s old enough to make the decision of who he wants to live with. You’ve been raising him since he’s been a baby and I know Jenelle has tried to be in his life, but she’s been given like seven years to get her s**t together.”

Later, Ashleigh has more harsh words for her sister, stating that, “If anything, she should be commending you for that. You’ve raised us as a single mother.r You put up with all the s**t with her.. She got pregnant, [you] took care of her kid. She should at least thank you. But she doesn’t even do that. It’s all about Jenelle. That’s all she cares about.”

Whoa! Those are definitely some harsh words that we were shocked to hear on the special!

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