Jim Marchese RHONJ Season 7

Jim Marchese Slams RHONJ Season 7 Ratings! Exclusive

Speaking Out!

Although Real Housewives of New Jersey just began it’s seventh season, Jim Marchese– who appeared last year on the show- is speaking out about the ratings for the first episode. Marchese took to Twitter to discuss them and then we caught up with him to see what else he had to say. Read on for details.

Jim Marchese RHONJ Season 7 Ratings Slammed Exclusive

Marchese took to Twitter to issue the following statements:

Jim Marchese RHONJ Season 7

We caught up to Marchese after he posted these tweet to see if he had any further comments.

Marchese reacted to the episode- specifically the scene where Teresa Giudice came home- saying, “What husband doesn’t pick his wife up from the prison? Oh, a fake one on TV.”

“Maybe if Andy put real people on with real issues going on in their lives, they’d be welcomed home,” he continued. “Teresa, on the other, acted like she came back from Afghanistan when really she just came back from serving time for stealing from people.”
Marchese wrapped with commenting more on the ratings, stating that, “I think it’s hysterical that I have more impressions on Twitter in the last two weeks than the show has viewers.”
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