Porsha Williams Arrest

Porsha Williams Arrest Story Is Fake Exclusive


Yesterday, we covered reports that claimed Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams had a former friend she had a fight with, Jamie Ziegler, file an application to have a warrant issued for Williams’s arrest (read more about that here). What’s more is that the reports claimed Williams would be arrested by July 22nd if she did not settle with Ziegler. Now, an insider has exclusively come to us to clarify what’s going on- and it’s not what you think! Read on for details.

Porsha Williams Arrest Warrant Story Fake Exclusive

According to an insider we spoke to, they dished that, “This story is completely fake and Porsha is never going to be arrested.”

The source went on to explain that, “The night this ‘fight’ went down, there was a heated conversation between Porsha and Jamie, but that was it. There was never a physical altercation. This is Bravo we’re talking about, after all, and if there was something physical, they would have wanted to show it for the ratings it would bring.”

“If Porsha really had physically attacked Jamie,” the insider added, “she would have been arrested on the scene. No one is attacked by someone and then waits months to do anything about it.”
So why are stories surfacing now?

The insider revealed that, “Filming for RHOA is starting, and Jamie wants attention.”

“There was definitely a verbal spat between the two,” the source wrapped with re-affirming for us, “but that was it. Porsha is never going to be arrested and the story that she will is, simply, silly.”

Tell us- what do you think about what the insider told us? Are you surprised to leanr this? Sound off in the comments below.

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