Kelly Dodd Shannon Beador

Kelly Dodd Goes On Tirade Against Shannon Beador

Twitter Tirade!

While this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County featured zero drama between Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador, yesterday afternoon Dodd went on a tirade against Beador and had some pretty harsh words to say about her. What do we mean?

Kelly Dodd Shannon Beador Twitter Tirade

Dodd initially responded to a story All About The Tea did about Beador, tweeting, “I’m glad that old fat ugly hag keeps me relevant!! Keep talking about me and Vicki!! We don’t talk about her! Neg. Nancy.”

Here is the tweet:

Kelly Dodd Shannon Beador

Dodd then tagged Beador in a tweet, writing, “For her to bring out my ex fiancee ex wife from 4 yrs ago?? Keep grasping you boring old trolls!! U 2 r nasty.”

Kelly Dodd Shannon Beador

Dodd was referring to a Facebook video Beador did with her husband after RHOC aired Monday night where Beador’s husband insinuated they were in touch with one of Dodd’s ex’s ex’s (an ex of someone Dodd was an ex of).

The attack didn’t stop there, though, with Dodd tweeting, “she now removed the video ?? Why now?? Dumb b***h.”

Here is that tweet:

Kelly Dodd Shannon Beador

It’s definitely clear form the above tweets that Dodd is NOT a Beador and that, sadly, she is trying to attack Beador’s looks and name call to take her down.

For the record, we think Beador looks PERFECT just the way she is and never support someone attacking someone’s looks as a means for “fighting back.”

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