Sonja Morgan RHONY Season 8 Reunion

Sonja Morgan Talks Brutal Reunion Exclusive

A Brutal Reunion!

Yesterday, The Real Housewives of New York City taped their reunion. While fans saw Sonja Morgan describing it as brutal later the first part on Snapchat, we exclusively caught up with her to get her reaction to it. What did she have to tell us?

Sonja Morgan RHONY Season 8 Reunion Brutal Exclusive

Morgan told us exclusively that the reunion was “Brutal.”

She went on to describe that there was “A lot of flip flopping. Vile. Liars. Hypocrites. But hey you will have to see who’s who in this bunch.

Some people have proven to be true friends with true feelings who just screw up,” she elaborated. “That’s ok. I can do a month of Sunday’s with damage. I cannot do fake and untrustworthy.”

Morgan had more to say, telling us that, “People are not perfect. Certainly not me and I appreciate my friends hanging in there with my eccentricities and being truthful and putting it to me.”

But at least I admit to being a nut and I work hard at change,” she added. “Everyday. I talk a lot but I do listen. I do feel others pain.”

She wrapped with telling us that, “Some of our group can be selfish and closed at times. Mostly from fear.”

This definitely sounds like it was an intense reunion and we look forward to seeing Morgan- and the rest of the RHONY gang- on it.

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