Adam Lind Engaged

Adam Lind Confirms He’s Engaged

Engagement Confirmed!

While many Teen Mom engagement rumors have been flying lately, including one about Jeremy Calvert which we exclusively found out the truth about yesterday (read about that here), one Teen Mom Dad has gone ahead and confirmed he is indeed engaged! Read on for details.

Adam Lind Engaged Confirmation

Adam Lind, the ex of Chelsea Houska, has gone ahead and confirmed he is indeed engaged to girlfriend Stasia Huber. We had previously written about this as a rumor (read about that here), but Lind’s fiance  finally confirmed it.

Huber took to Instagram to post a picture sporting her engagement ring in which she wrote “A lifetime together isn’t love enough” and wrote I LOVE YOU ADAM over her photo.

Here is the post:

Adam Lind Engaged

Lind has definitely had his share of issues with his ex, so we are thrilled to hear he was found someone he wants to share his life with and who makes him so happy.

Congratulations, Adam and Stasia!

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