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Jacqueline- Teresa Is Not Sincere and Made A Dirty Play

A Dirty Play!

Last night on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we saw Teresa Giudice call Jacqueline Laurita on New Year’s Eve to wish her a happy New Year. However, when Giudice realized Laurita had her on speaker phone, she got annoyed, asking “do you always put all of your calls on speaker phone?” Laurita took to Instagram to address this situation. What did she have to say?

Jacqueline Teresa Not Sincere Made Dirty Play

Laurita took to Instagram to share that, “While filming a reality show, we must always have calls on speaker. Take notice. I was also on speaker.”

“This is why I got turned off and my walls went up after Teresa asked me if I always answered my calls on speaker,” she continued. “She knows why I do.”

This was a dirty play,” Laurita added. “It was then that I realized her call was not sincere.”

While Laurita got tons of support in the comments of her post, she also added her own comment, stating that, “my kitchen was the only room lighted. If she wanted a private conversation, she should have called me off camera when she knew we weren’t filming.”

Here is the clip of the phone call:

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