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Jenelle’s Brother Claims She’s 5 MONTHS Pregnant!

5 Months Pregnant?

A while back, we reported that there were tons of rumors that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was pregnant (read about those here), but she denied them (read about that here). Over the weekend, a report was released from a car accident Evans and beau David Eason were involved in that claimed the “female passenger” was 10 weeks pregnant. Evans got angered that this was outed and, while she has yet to confirm it, it seems her brother and sister have confirmed it. What’s more is that her brother seems to claim Evans is a lot further along than 10 weeks! Read on for details.

Jenelle Evans Pregnant Brother Claims For Five Months

A Twitter account called @youwish_1976 posted the following to Twitter:

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

Zooming in on the two screenshots, we see one is an alleged text message with Evans’s brother, Colin, which reads:

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

Zooming in on the other screenshot shows a Twitter exchange where someone claims to have spoken with Evans’s sister about her pregnancy:

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

In the above screenshot, it also claims that Evans’s Mom and Eason’s family found out “a day ago.”

While these are only alleged claims, Evans did end up responding to them: 

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

Evans’s tweet did end up getting deleted, which is not unlike her to do, but she also ended up quitting Twitter soon after! 

Stay tuned as we will be keeping you posted on all things related to Evans’s pregnancy.

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