Cynthia Bailey RHOA Season 9

Cynthia Bailey Leaves RHOA? Exclusive

Leaving The Show?

Reports have been surfacing all over the internet regarding the upcoming new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The latest reports that have surfaced claim that Cynthia Bailey is leaving the show after announcing her divorce from her husband (read about that here). We reached out to a source close to production to find out if this is true and what’s going on. What did we find out? Read on for details.

Cynthia Bailey RHOA Season 9 Leaving Exclusive

An insider dished to us that, “Rumors that Cynthia is leaving are completely untrue and unfounded.”

“In fact,” the insider continued, “Cynthia has been filming the show for two months already.”

The source also dished that, “Based on everything going on in Cynthia’s life, it is a no brainer that she will be a full time Housewife again.”

Bailey has always been one of our favorites on the show, so we’re thrilled to hear she’s going nowhere.

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