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Meghan King Edmonds Leaving OC?

Leaving OC?

We adore Meghan King Edmonds since she joined The Real Housewives of Orange County last season. Today, it was announced that her Newport Beach house has been put on the market. So is Edmonds planning on leaving the OC behind?

Meghan King Edmonds Leaving OC

Luckily for fans of the show, it doesn’t sound like Edmonds is leaving the OC.

She told The Daily Dish that, “We’re flipping it! We’re making money. Money doesn’t grow on trees. I want to beautify it and flip it.”

“That one’s big,” she added. “Hayley was living with us when we moved into that house and now she’s in her apartment.”

“We don’t need all that space,” she added. “But we love being close to the water; we’re close to the water right now. But at the same time, that house is awesome, too, so we’d be happy if it doesn’t sell. If we make some money that’d be great, otherwise we’ll just stay there.”

We wish Edmonds and her husband good luck with the sale!

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