David Beador Vicki

David Beador- Vicki, You’re A Scumbag!

Big Fight!

While we are only three episodes into The Real Housewives of Orange County, it looks like things are about to hit the fan on this coming week’s episode. What do we mean?

David Beador Vicki Scumbag Fight

In a preview for the upcoming episode, all seems to be going well with Shannon Beador planning to host the 70’s party she mentioned in the last episode.

This is until the party actually begins, and the drama legitimately EXPLODES.

Here is a preview of some of what goes down:

  • Shannon getting upset at someone who criticizes her outfit, and yelling back, “Who gives a f**k if my outfit is 70s?
  • David telling Vicki, “You are the lowest of low” and “You’re a f**king scumbag because you don’t come clean.”
  • Vicki telling David “Shame on you!”
  • Shannon kicking Kelly Dodd out of her party.
  • Kelly yelling (to David) “No wonder why you cheated on your wife.”

Here is a preview of the episode:

Count us in- with popcorn and wine- for this one!

Note that earlier this year we exclusively reported on this fight- read that report here!

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