Meghan King Edmonds Baby Shower

Meghan King Edmonds Talks Marriage Problems Exclusive

Marriage Problems?

It seems that every reality star who appears on television who is married becomes the subject of rumors related to their marriage. Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds is no different. Recently, Edmonds- who is pregnant (read about that here)- has become the subject of rumors claiming her marriage to Jim Edmonds is having issues and falling apart. So is there any validity to the rumors? We reached out to Edmonds to find out what she had to say. Read on to find out.

Meghan King Edmonds Marriage Problems Exclusive

When asked about her rumored marriage problems, Edmonds had a very simple answer that should put ANY naysayers’s comments to rest- “I wouldn’t be having a baby and building a life together if we were in a bad place.”

There you have it. Clearly, based on Edmonds’s comments, the pair are not having issues and that is, simply, a rumor.

We appreciate Edmonds clarifying for us and are happy to hear this.

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