Exclusive Interview With Miss Minnie!- “Little Women ATL”

We fell in love with Miss Minnie Ross on Lifetime’s hit series, Little Women: ATL. Minnie has been involved in a lot of the drama since the show started, and this season is no different! We caught up with Minnie to get her side on a couple of the hot topics on the show. Check out our exclusive interview with her below!

Q: What were you up to in between seasons?

A: “In between the seasons I have been working on business ventures that are in development now. You will have to watch the show to find out the details.”

Q: The friendships in the group have changed a bit since the show first started. Out of the group, who are you closest with?

A: “I am closest with the twins on and off camera.”

Q: At last season’s reunion, you announced that you were pregnant with Pastor Troy’s baby… do you regret announcing that on national television?

A:  “I am glad I announced my pregnancy with Troy on National TV because I have been able to help so many little women with being able to share their testimonies. It is very difficult for little women to get pregnant and carry to term.”

Q: Do you think your friends/cast members truly care about you or do you believe they’re just trying to catch you in a lie?

A: “I believe most of the cast members care about themselves and more important— DRAMA! Those that I’m close with are like family.”

Q: What is the history between yourself & Miss Juicy? Do you believe that you both can ever be friends?

A: “There is no history between Juicy and I. She is a non-factor in my world.”

Q: Do you regret bringing your Mom to the meeting with Juicy? Are you embarrassed about the way she acted?

A: “I don’t regret the meeting with Juicy, my mom and I. Juicy has repeatedly assassinated my name and capitalized off of my life. My mother wanted to let her know enough was enough. I think Juicy got the message. She is such a pop-off and can’t handle what she dishes out.”

Q: What can viewers expect this season?

A: “This season will deliver a range of emotions! Drama, drama, drama!!! Tune in to see more of our personal lives spiral and rivalries grow stronger!”