Monie’s LWATL Episode 2 Recap Blog- EXCLUSIVE

Lord, have mercy! It’s only episode two, and we’re right back to the drama! If you didn’t watch last week’s episode, you missed Minnie telling us all about her “miscarriage” and us grilling her about what actually happened when she went to the doctor.


Well, it turns out… she didn’t go to the doctor, at all! According to Minnie, her “period was just late,” and so now we’re right back in the same situation— trying to figure out if she’s telling the truth or not. You had a miscarriage…and you didn’t go get checked out to make sure everything was ok? Sorry Minnie, we’re not buying it. Not yet, anyway.


I still have questions…how far along was she? How did she actually know she was pregnant?


She can’t answer any of these questions, so I make the suggestion that she should probably go see a psychiatrist…because she has a problem. And that’s when she gets up to leave. But you know me…I keep it real, so I’m not apologizing. I’m really concerned about her health and something’s got to give.


But while Amanda goes to comfort her at the party here in Atlanta, Emily is in Dallas with a whole different set of baby issues. She gets an update on JJ’s condition and finds out that he might be having seizures.


This is absolutely heartbreaking to watch because, as a mom, I know how it feels to want to help your babies through any- and everything that comes their way. But I’m happy that Emily’s sister, Sara, is there to help her get through it.


And JJ can’t help but to be strong like his mom— plus, he’s surrounded by a lot of love and that, along with a lot of prayer, can change things.


Back in Atlanta, Minnie and The Twins go for a relaxing spa day— but it just turns out to be one big, messy flashback to what happened at the baby shower, and now an entirely NEW can of worms has been opened because Ms. Tammie finds out about Juicy confronting Minnie. Once she gets all the details, she starts talking about “dragging” Juicy.


This can’t end well.


Later in the episode, The Twins prepare to go visit their families and Bri goes to help Emily with the baby and to be there for her through JJ’s health issues.


About midway through the episode, we all get to know Juicy a little better when her friend Dominique comes over her house for dinner. We find out she used to be married to an average sized man but now that she’s single, she’s looking to “spread the juice.”


But of course, the conversation gets a little shady when Minnie comes up. She’s convinced that Minnie lied about her pregnancy but she’s going to meet with her anyway to hear her out— and I, for one, can’t wait to see how this goes.


But all drama aside, I hope they can come to an understanding.


In Dallas, Emily’s daughter Eva comes to visit her new little brother and you can see the energy in the room brighten up as soon as she gets there. She can only see JJ over FaceTime, but we can all tell she loves him as soon as she lays eyes on him.


I was so happy to see that scene because next, it’s time for ME to talk to Minnie, and I already know that conversation didn’t go well because I was there…unfortunately. (Deep Breath) She sits at my table and starts explaining her whole story to me— but it’s still not adding up. And I can’t hold back— I tell her, straight up, that I don’t think that’s what happened. #NoFilter


I’ve had a miscarriage myself and you have to stay in the hospital for a week. On top of that, I had to have a procedure to make sure everything was OK with my body. She didn’t have to do none of that? It’s obvious to me that this heifer is lying. And I’m not gonna just sit here and keep listening to it. So I tell her she can leave if there’s nothing else to talk about.


Meanwhile, Andrea wants to make sure her baby is fine and that everything looks normal for her pregnancy. She’s been having a hard time breathing— and she hopes this baby isn’t going to press down on any of her organs like Andre did.


It’s so scary to hear the doctor tell her that she’s at risk for having yet another premature baby, but it sounds like her doctor knows exactly what he’s doing and we know Baby Aubry will come when she’s ready…and she’ll be perfect! With Amanda and Chris by her side, everything will turn out just fine. I’m praying for you, Andrea.


And speaking of perfect babies, JJ is still fighting back in Dallas. His seizures have stopped, but he’s still not breathing on his own. It’s a slow process, but the doctors don’t think the seizures will have any long-term effects on his brain. Emily is discharged and is feeling well enough to go to breakfast with Bri before she leaves to go back to Atlanta.


This reminds me why we’re all supposed to be there for each other in the Little People community. We have to stick together to get through the tough times. I’m so glad that Emily has Bri.


So when she gets back to Atlanta, I decide that we should go out so I can catch her up on what happened with Minnie at the baby shower. And I’m starting to feel like I’m right to believe that Minnie was never pregnant because Bri feels the same way. Morlin keeps trying to tell me to have an open mind, so I’m sitting here on my own fence, in my own yard…until I figure out what to believe.


But little do I know, the drama is just starting to heat up. At the end of the episode, Minnie shows up to talk to Juicy face-to-face, woman-to-woman— but she didn’t show up alone. Minnie brought her mama to the table, and it seems like she invited her to do all her talking for her. And when Ms. Tammie gets going, she gets so riled up, Juicy’s plate of hot wings end up upside her head!


You can almost see Juicy’s plot for revenge written all over her face, but you’ll have to wait til tonight’s episode to see how it all goes down!


Didn’t I tell y’all this wouldn’t end well?