Jules Wainstein Husband Mistress

Jules’s Husband’s Mistress Pregnant AND Smoking?

Pregnant and Puffing Away?

Just days ago, we exclusively revealed the possibility that the mistress of Jules Weinstein’s husband, Elyse Bensusan, could be pregnant (read about that here). Now there are new shocking photos that have surfaced of her!

Jules Wainstein Husband Mistress Pregnant and Smoking

Recently, photos have shown Michael’s mistress smoking (see those here)!
This could mean one of two things:
– Elyse is not pregnant, hence why she’s smoking
– Elyse IS pregnant and is smoking regardless, which would be a very irresponsible life decision.
There has been no confirmation that Elyse is pregnant as of yet, and we have reached out to her but have not heard back.
People are speculating she is pregnant based on photos where her stomach looks like it potentially could have a baby bump and, according to sources we spoke to previously, people are questioning it.
We do hope that if Elyse is pregnant she is responsible enough to not smoke for the sake of her child.
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