Phaedra Parks Bomb

Phaedra Parks’s Office Threatened With Bomb!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks had a very scary situation yesterday when her office was threatened with a bomb from! Read on for all the crazy details.

Phaedra Parks Bomb Threat

According to TMZ, a man entered a building he thought was Parks’s office- which, it turns out, was a building near one of Parks’s offices- and claimed to have a bomb “strapped to his leg.”

TMZ claims that upon entering the building the man thought was Parks’s office, he was “demanding to see Phaedra and said ‘I’m not leaving. I’ve got a bomb.'”

Police did end up responding to the scene and evacuating the building, and also arrested a suspect. TMZ also claims it is not certain if he had a bomb or not at this point.

Stay tuned as we are sure more details regarding the scary story will be released.

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