Javi Marroquin Home

Javi Marroquin Is Home!

He’s Back!

A while back, Teen Mom 2 Dad Javi Marroquin left for deployment (read about that here). Tonight we can confirm that Marroquin is safe and sound and back in the U.S. Read on for details.

Javi Marroquin Home From Deployment

An hour ago, Marroquin posted the following picture on his Instagram, which he captioned, “Ayeeeee #homesweethome @_dozi“:

Javi Marroquin

After posting the picture, lots of people commented to thank him for serving our country and welcome him home.

Recently, we reported on Marroquin’s plans now that he is home (read about those here), which supposedly include finding his own place.

While Marroquin was supposed to take a trip with his family to Disney, he recently confirmed via Twitter that he will not be going on that trip.

We are happy that Marroquin has returned safely and do appreciate his service to our country.

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