Kail Snubbed Javi

Kail Snubbed Javi By Not Picking Him Up At Airport? Exclusive

Snubbbed Or Not?

Late last night, we confirmed that Teen Mom 2 Dad Javi Marroquin had arrived safely back from his deployment (read about that here). Since he arrived back, Radar Online has claimed that soon to be ex-wife Kailyn Lowry “snubbed” Marroquin by not being at the airport to pick him up. We reached out to Lowry to find out what went on and why she didn’t go to the airport/if she intentionally “snubbed” Marroquin.

Kail Snubbed Javi By Not Picking Him Up At Airport Exclusive

“No, I definitely didn’t snub him,” Lowry exclusively told us.
So why didn’t she go to the airport with Marroquin’s family to get him?
“He didn’t land until 9:30 PM,” Lowry explained, “so I wasn’t going to drive two hours with young kids at that time.”

 “Also,” Lowry told us, “Javi knew this and was fine with this. He is going to see them this morning and it was something we agreed upon and he was good with.

Additionally, Lowry confirmed to us that Marroquin is not staying with her in their home and “staying with someone else.”
We totally understand why Lowry would not want to drive that far with two young kids at that hour and continue to wish them both the best.
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