Lala Kent Faith Stowers

Lala and Faith Quit Vanderpump Rules! Exclusive

They’re Done!

Last season, two of our favorite cast members on Vanderpump Rules were newbies Lala Kent and Faith Stowers. While Kent was involved in her share of drama, we have learned over the weekend that both of the women have left the show! Read on for exclusive details.

Lala Kent Faith Stowers Quit Vanderpump Rules Exclusive

Over the weekend, when a fan pointed out Kent was missing from pictures from cast member Katie Maloney‘s bachelorette party, Kent replied on Twitter that, “I have decided to part ways from the show.”

Kent later went on to confirm that, “I made the decision to leave the show. I realized it isn’t for me. IT WAS COMPLETELY MY DECISION.”

Over the weekend a source close to the show also exclusively confirmed for us that, “Faith has also left the show.”

While Stowers didn’t come out and directly say it, she did take to Twitter to write that, “I didn’t want to be to the girl that worked in a restaurant for years…”

While we are saddened to see them both depart the show, it’s clear it sounds like they’re doing what sounds best for both of them. We wish them the best as they move on to other things!

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