Siggy Flicker Fired

Siggy Flicker Fired From RHONJ? Exclusive


One of our favorite things about this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is the addition of Siggy Flicker. Early this morning, a fan of RHONJ did not send the nicest tweet to Flicker, and she responded claiming she was fired. We caught up with Flicker exclusively today to see what she had to say. Read on for details.

Siggy Flicker Fired From RHONJ Exclusive

Before reading what Flicker had to tell us, here was the Twitter exchange:

Siggy Flicker Fired

We reached out to Flicker to ask her if she actually was fired.

“No,” she told us. “I was kidding when an idiot said they wanted me fired so my response was ok your wish came true.”

“That shut the person right up,” she continued. “Why would someone take the energy to put up a stupid comment like that?”

“You want to know how I really feel? she asked. “I feel like tv needs me more than I need tv and I won’t take bullshit from people who take the time out to post negative stuff.”

“I came on this show and am authentic and true to who I am,” she added. “I am not trying to be the star. I just want to be ME and if someone is going to come at me sideways I will take them down sideways.”

Flicker also told us that, “I have received so much love and appreciate the love and I am not unrealistic and know that there are haters out there, but I am putting it out there and my motivation is and always has been to help people which is why I wrote the book Write Your Own Fairytale, have an amazing podcast called Just Sayin with Sammi and Clare, plus I had my own tv show about helping those who were looking for love and needed help in the dating world.”

“I have also been a guest on on several top shows including my favorite Wendy Williams so it is evident that I am practicing what I preach,” Flicker wrapped with telling us. “Don’t think that if someone comes at me sideways I am not going to come back at them sideways and that is exactly what I did.”

We adore Flicker and, based on what we’ve seen so far on RHONJ, we don’t see her going anywhere off of our screens anytime soon.

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