Kailyn Lowry Planning For Third Child?

Kailyn Lowry Planning For Third Child?

Kailyn Lowry Third Child

Third Baby?

It’s certainly been an interesting week for Kailyn Lowry with Javi Marroquin returning from deployment. Yesterday we exclusively revealed that it was always planned that Kail and the kids would not pick him up at the airport (read more about that here). Recently, n Twitter, the Teen Mom 2 star shared a text from a friend that seems to look ahead to Kail’s future. What do we mean?

Kailyn Lowry Planning For Third Child?

One of Kail’s friend, Kristen, texted Kailyn, with a message that read, “You’re going to have a third I know you are, at some point it’s for sure happening. You’re so f**king happy in your life right now and I literally love seeing you this way. It’s like you light up the room now that you’ve got a core group that supports you and motivates you and doesn’t put you down.”

Here is a copy of the message:

Kailyn Lowry Third Child

While it’s clear Kail is not having a child right now, it definitely sounds from the text like she will want another one in the future.

We continue to wish the best for Kail and Javi.

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