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Kris Jenner Taking Legal Action Against Caitlyn?

Kris VS. Caitlyn!

Just when we thought the two exes were finally getting along, new reports are emerging of Kris Jenner threatening legal action against Caitlyn Jenner. Why would KJ do that? Read on for details!

Kris Jenner Caitlyn Kris Considering Legal Action Against Caitlyn

Radar Online reports Caitlyn Jenner is planning to write a tell-all book and Kris is not very happy about it.

A Kardashian insider told Radar Online, “Kris is telling people she wants to fire off a preemptive cease and desist letter to Caitlyn over this, and she’s insisting that she get first read before it is published.”

According to reports, Caitlyn wants the book to focus on her transitioning from a man to a woman rather than it being a Kardashian tell-all. But the family is scared nonetheless for what Caitlyn will reveal in the book.

Tell us – are you excited for the Caitlyn Jenner book to come out? Would you read it? Sound off in the comments below. 

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