Tamra Judge Custody

Tamra Judge- I’m Not Going Through A Custody Battle

Clarification Issued!

For a while now, Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge has not had her oldest daughter, Sidney, living with her. In fact, Judge recently participated in a documentary about it (read about that here). Yesterday, Judge spoke with Entertainment Tonight exclusively to clear up rumors regarding a “custody battle” she’s in. What did she have to say?

Tamra Judge I’m Not Going Through A Custody Battle

Judge clarified to ET that, “I’ve never lost custody of any of my kid.

“I hear that all the time,” she added. “I’m not going through a custody battle.”

“It’s sad, and hard, and horrible, and it’s happening all over the world,” Tamra revealed about her situation with her daughter which is referred to as ‘parental alienation.’ “It’s when a kid gets stuck in the middle … There was no huge thing that happened between us. It wasn’t like we were fighting or screaming at each other. It was nothing like that.”

“After the reunion, she was very upset that I mentioned it on the show,” Judge elaborated. “For me, it was a good thing and a bad thing, because it got her to talk. She reconnected with my mom and with her brother, Ryan.”

Judge went on to detail that, “As a result of [all this], her brother, Spencer, lives with me full time and he doesn’t speak to his dad. It’s a mess. I have asked, like, ‘Can the four of us sit down?’ I truly believe kids need both their parents. They need both of them to be healthy, successful, happy adults. Now, the situation is just so messed up and [Simon] won’t agree to it.”

“I’ve gotten so many emails from children that have gone through it, and the thing that they always say to me is, ‘Never stop communicating with her,’ Judge also explained. “Even if she doesn’t answer, send her a text message. Send her an email. Send her whatever you can,’ and I do.”

Judge wrapped with saying about her oldest daughter that, “Every single week, I send her something. ‘Thinking of you’ … it’s all I can do.”

We truly hope that one day this situation gets better for Judge, as it really is quite sad.

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