Kris Jenner crashes car!

Kris Jenner gets in car crash and hurts her wrist.  Get details here!

Kris Jenner was in a car crash in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday in her white Rolls Royce!  The collision occurred when her collided with a car that turned in front of hers.   Neither driver needed medical attention, although Kris complained of her hurting her wrist.

People states that the air bags did deploy, but both drivers walked away from the scene.  Kris was reportedly driving alone in her pretty convertible luxury car.

Kylie, Khloe, Kanye West and Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble all rushed to the scene, according to People.  It’s nice to have family support when accidents happen. The other driver who won’t release his name, thinks he will be at fault since he was in the accident with the celebrity.

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