Monie’s “Little Women ATL” Episode 4 Exclusive Blog!

Soooo, on last week’s episode, things got off to a nice and peaceful start when Juicy and I woke up to the beautiful view of Virginia Beach. We sit on the porch, watching the waves crash and I tell Juicy that I’m happy that she brought us along to Black Bike Week. But I can’t help but think back to all the drama that Minnie brought through the door last night, so I gotta vent to my girl Juicy.


Little did we know, Minnie was inside talking to Amanda about us! I’m glad to see that they’re on kind of a positive tip though. We’ll see if she can stick to her plan to move on and enjoy the weekend because no one is about that drama today.


In Dallas, Emily meets up with her friend Anna to talk about JJ’s health issues and it’s so hard watching her go through this tough time. But at least we know that JJ is a little more comfortable than he was last week… and it’s good to see Emily joking about little man passing gas! LOL. And Lontel is stepping up for the baby!


But back in the sand, while The Twins start a twerk-fest right there on the beach, Minnie can’t help herself. She just has to step to me and say something about the fact that I don’t want to be near her on this trip. If I don’t want to be around her, I don’t have to— and I don’t care about her saying I have an attitude problem— it’s called PERSONAL SPACE…and I need mine right now.


But it’s like she doesn’t get the hint because she holds me back from getting in the water when she pulls me to the side asking to talk to me! I sit down and hear her out— but I have to let her know— we are NOT best friends anymore and she needs to fix things…fast!


However, I’m not completely heartless. I tell her we can enjoy the weekend and leave all that negativity in Atlanta for now. And from that moment on, things seemed to calm down. I’m so happy because this is supposed to be an amazing weekend— I don’t need to be stressed!


And it only gets better when we get back to the house and Juicy surprises us with those flyy biker vests! Thanks Juicy! They go so good with my plans to get drunk, ride bikes and turn up tonight!


As soon as we get to the festivities, the biker boys are so LIT that we decide to bring them home with us. And guess who finds herself a boo…Minnie! Looks like Juicy might’ve been right last week when she predicted her finding somebody on this trip.


Get it, Minnie!


But hold all that shade you throwin’ at Juicy off camera…don’t forget she’s the reason you’re even here!


Anyway, back at the party, the only person that’s NOT having fun is Amanda. I don’t even see her disappear from the group but some kind of way she slips out of the party to call her sister. When she starts crying, I can’t help but feel bad that we didn’t know she was so upset. I understand that she misses her sister, though— those two are inseparable.


The next morning, we find out the secret that Juicy’s been keeping from us this entire time! She’s hosting a male review and she wants us to participate! What, now? Who? All this at breakfast? Juicy, this is just too much!


But she doesn’t really give us a chance to back out, so hey…we gotta do what we gotta do. So, I take out my cutest outfit ever because I know the turn-up is about to be real!


Like Juicy said, “We turned up at the beach, we turned up on the bikes, now we’re about to turn up at the club!”


And when we get there, it does not take long before I find out exactly why Juicy kept this is a secret. We got picked up, dropped off and taken for a ride. These dudes were off the chain…and what can I say? I was enjoying it.


My girls are acting like they ain’t never had a little fun. We’re just having a good time…right? But before I can get myself into anymore trouble, Amanda saves me when she takes the stage and teaches the crowd how to really do things Atlanta-style. Finally, it seems like she’s having fun and she ends it all with a twerk fest! I never thought I’d say this…but after that party, I’ve seen enough man parts to last me a lifetime.


The night was definitely crazy, but it was nothing compared to the girl talk we had when we got back to the house. Hearing about the craziest places these ladies have gotten down is hilarious and very…informative.


Minnie…you got first place, for sure!


It was so nice that she was able to open up and tell us just what the weekend has meant to her. This is what I was talking about. We’re girls…and now, I feel like we might finally be on the right track to becoming alright with each other again. Our friendship will never be what it was before…but we can be cool.


But that Hallmark moment starts going downhill real quick when Melissa just has to go and pick a fight with Amanda. Why did she go and ask me OR her what our boyfriends would think about how we’re acting this weekend?


But I didn’t have to say anything because Amanda went dead off on the girl. I haven’t heard that many curse words since…last episode. And thank goodness it’s time to go because I don’t want one little argument to ruin the good time we’ve had in this gorgeous city.


Now, I can’t wait to get home and tell Morlin everything that happened. Well, almost everything.


But when Amanda gets home, she has more surprises waiting for her. As she’s filling Andrea in on what happened on the trip, she notices that there’s something wrong. At first, Andrea doesn’t want to tell her, but there ain’t no hiding this. She’s definitely having contractions and they need to get to the hospital ASAP! They’re coming every 10 minutes!


I can’t believe what they see when she gets there.


“Her uterus is like a runway,” the nurse says.


And as the doctor looks over everything one last time, he confirms her worst fear. She’s going into labor at 28 weeks!


Tune in tonight to find out if little Aubry can hold on just a little while longer!