Exclusive Q&A with Jackie Christie from “Basketball Wives LA”

We absolutely adore Jackie Christie from VH1’s hit series, Basketball Wives LA, that is currently in its fifth season! We have seen Jackie deal with a lot over the past five seasons, and it has only made her stronger. Throughout it all, Jackie always knows how to put a smile on our faces and brighten our day. We have been dying to interview Jackie for years, and she took time out of her very busy schedule to talk with us! Check out our exclusive Q&A below!  


Q: What were you up to since in-between season 4 & 5? I know you’re a very busy lady!

A: “I did two movies, and one of them I was actually executive producer on as well. I also traveled with the Beauty Shop play, and that was amazing! I also have an erotic book series coming out! I’ve done a lot of books on beauty for women, self confidence, and the couples book that Doug & I wrote together… which is a best seller, and this will be my sixth one! I also just decided to finally put Jackie first and make time for myself.”


Q: You seem to have an amazing relationship with Doug. What’s your secret to a hot & happy marriage?

A: “Definitely communication… that’s very important! No one can read each other’s minds. If you can communicate well with your mate, you can always work out any problem you have. The other one is respect… you have to respect yourself in the relationship, but you also have to respect your mate. That means if there’s something they don’t like, don’t do it to irritate them. All of those little things are the ingredients that make up the ‘meatloaf’ as I call it, and it makes it great for the whole family!”

“Also, there’s definitely intimacy, which is not talked a lot about in today’s society for some reason… people shy away from it. You have to talk to your mate on an intimate level. People go through different phases in their life, and whatever phase they’re in they should be able to talk about it with you.”


Q: In the premiere we saw the group kind of coming back together after some time apart. What is your opinion on the Brandi & Shaunie situation?

A: “When we were in Puerto Rico, tensions were definitely building up. Everything just happened so fast, so it was surprising to me. I just wanted to kind of remain silent and let the girls work through it and not state my opinion either way. I definitely thought that Brandi owed Shaunie an apology for what she said, and Brandi said she apologized so I thought that was great. I thought they were both handling it pretty maturely, and i’m watching to see how it all unfolds this season just like everybody else.”


Q: Were you surprised Brandi came back?

A: “I was very suprised that day. Malaysia kept telling me that she had a surprise for me, but I never thought in a million years that Brandi Maxiell would be popping up in LA at that little dinner that Malaysia and I were having. I had so many questions for her!”


Q: You have had a rocky relationship with Malaysia Pargo, but this season it seems as though you both have gotten really close. How did you turn your relationship around & why did you decide to put the past behind you & become friends again?

A: “Malaysia and I are both Leo’s and we’re both strong minded and we’re kind of bossy in our own way. We clash a lot! We were not communicating with one another and i’m not going to blame other people for our problems, but there was a lot of tension going on around us. We both decided that we’re not going to let other people get involved in our relationship. I’m not going to say it’s going to be perfect, but we’re in a great place right now!”


Q: What was your first impression of the new girls?

A: “When I first met Duffey, I was pleasantly surprised… she was really bubbly and fun! With Angel Love, it was a little tense, but it was still great. Once we started talking, I really dug her as well!”


Q: Do you think Malaysia was rude for leaving Duffey’s welcome party early?

A: “I really reserve judgement about Malaysia leaving early because I wasn’t really familiar with their situation. If Malaysia didn’t really feel comfortable in that situation, then I think we need to respect that. At the same time, I know Duffey felt bad that Malaysia left, so i’m kind of fifty-fifty on that situation.”


Q: Why did you decide to tell the girls the truth about what Malaysia said to you & Brandi as she left Duffey’s welcome party?

A:  “I just didn’t want things to get brushed under the rug, like they have in the past. The truth wasn’t being put out there, so I wanted to be honest and put it all out there. I’ve always been a very honest person and I felt like telling the truth was the right thing to do so the girls could hash out any differences before things got any worse.”


Q: What do you think about Duffey saying that none of the ladies are true friends to Brandi?

A: “I can respect that and that’s because Duffey didn’t know any of us. She had just heard things through Brandi, and Brandi’s still trying to figure out who her true friends are anyway… I feel like i’m the type of person that’s better at showing you then telling you. Once she got to know us, I don’t think she felt like that anymore.”


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