Ashley Montfort Talks Connection with David & Life After “Dating Naked” EXCLUSIVE

As you probably know by now, we are absolutely OBSESSED with Dating Naked, one of VH1’s most popular shows. The series follows two main contestants as they make their way through many ‘naked daters’ in the quest to find love. We have fallen in love with so many of the different contestants on the show, and one of our absolute favorites this season was Ashley Montfort from Indiana. When Ashley stepped foot on that island with her big smile and adorable accent, we couldn’t help but smile! After Ashley was sent home, we knew we just had to catch up with her and ask her a few questions that every fan is wondering!

Have you ever wondered how it feels for the contestants to strip down and walk around an island with strangers on national television? We sure do! Ashley seemed to feel very comfortable during her time on the show, Ashley told us that there is definitely a lot going on in your head and it’s definitely not easy at all, especially when it comes to seeing what your competition is working with. “Walking into a house full of girls that are absolutely gorgeous is very intimidating” she shared with us, “You’re nervous, camera’s are on you, and people you don’t know are looking at you… it’s very overwhelming.”

On an island full of naked men and women, things can definitely get spicy and eyes definitely can wonder. Regarding her attraction to the other handsome men on the island, Ashley shared with us that, “I was definitely focused on David because that’s who I was there to date. Did I have my eye on other cast members that I think I could have been more attracted to? Yes absolutely! I think something definitely could have sparked there, but i’ll never know.”

Ashley told us that she made a lot of amazing friends on the show, even with the main female contestant, Natalie Jansen. “I think Natalie is a wonderful person! When I first came into the house, It didn’t feel that welcoming. I felt very distant from her when I first got there. Later on though, we kind of opened up to each other. I think that’s just kind of our connection”, Ashley told us. Jansen has even stated publicly on periscope, that it took a little bit of time to warm up to Ashley, but now she really likes her!

As far as the other main cast member that Ashley was actually paired up with (David Dees), fans have been speculating whether or not the two were actually attracted to one another. We have the answer! Ashley exclusively told us, “There was no romantic connection between David and I. We enjoyed each others time together, as friends, and i’m OK with that.”

Even though Ashley didn’t find love on Dating Naked, she had no trouble seeking a romantic connection outside of the show. “I’ve actually been seeing someone. We went to highschool together, so we’ve known each other for a while and he treats me really well.” Ashley told us that she’s still in grad school and full-time and working on top of that, so she’s definitely very busy.


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