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Amber and Jim Talk Marriage Boot Camp Exclusive Part 1

Exclusive Conversation!

We were so excited recently to learn that former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Amber Marchese and Jim Marchese will be appearing on the new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (read more on that here). We recently got the chance to exclusively talk to them about what made them want to do the show, what viewers of RHONJ can expect to see, and more. Read on to see part 1 of what they told us in a two-part exclusive interview.

Amber and Jim Talk Marriage Boot Camp Exclusive Part 1

Amber and Jim explained that, “We decided to attend Bootcamp because we have been married 10 years and had not had a vacation or time away from the children, work and  health issues. We wanted to reboot our marriage and focus on us for a change.  We thought this would be a fun, relaxing way to explore our relationship.  Two weeks in a Beverly Hills mansion without kids or work is not hard to take!”

This will be the first time will get to meet us for real,” Jim added, “So the entire experience should be a surprise.  I am hoping there is enough TV time so viewers are presented with our personalities and love for each other.”

“Also,” he continued, “I think viewers will be surprised at the cast’s diversity and how much fun we all had. We really cut it up in a few scenes and had fun.  Viewers will be surprised to see how fun loving and sweet Amber is and what a cut up I can be.  Viewers will be shocked when they realize  how beautiful Amber really is!  RHONJ producers constantly f**cked Amber’s lighting, make-up and wardrobe to downplay her looks because a certain star was threatened.

Speaking of RHONJ, Jim had some very interesting things to say in terms of how this experience with Bootcamp was different. Stay tuned to read about that in part 2 of our interview which will come out Monday.

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