Chelsea Houska Baby Bump

Chelsea Houska Debuts Baby Bump!

Baby Bump!

We were overjoyed with the news of a new Teen Mom 2 baby when Chelsea Houska announced she was expecting a child with fiance Cole Deboer (read more about that here). Now, Houska has let fans in to part of her pregnancy, by sharing a photo of her baby bump! Read on to see the picture.

Chelsea Houska Baby Bump Revealed

Here is a picture of the bump Houska shared with fans on her Snapchat:

Chelsea Houska Baby Bump

While it’s a small bump right now, that makes sense, as Houska only recently announced her pregnancy.

Throughout this pregnancy, Houska has been very open with fans sharing a sonogram (see that here) and detailing how she is nervous for her second child (see that here).

We think Houska and Deboer are adorable together, and we are sure the child they have will be perfect and greatly taken care of.

We will continue to keep you updated with news regarding Houska’s pregnancy.

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