Jacqueline and Melissa

Jacqueline and Melissa Get Into Heated Conversation!

Heated Conversation!

Last week on The Real Housewives of New JerseyJacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice got into an argument when Laurita invited Giudice over for dinner. One of the things Laurita got upset about was Giudice claiming her brother, Joe Gorga, had warned her not to trust Laurita. Laurita decided to go right to the source, and called Joe on the spot. In a preview for this Sunday’s episode, Melissa Gorga and Laurita meet for lunch, and Melissa is not happy that Laurita called her husband. What specifically goes down?

Jacqueline and Melissa Get Into Heated Conversation!

When Laurita and Melissa meet, the following goes down:

  • Melissa asks Laurita what happened with here and Giudice.
  • Laurita claims it got out of hand.
  • Melissa tells Laurita she’s pissed Laurita called Joe and “put him in that position.”
  • Laurita reminds Melissa she did so much for their family.

And much more!

See a clip of the heated conversation here:

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