Jim Marchese Marriage Boot Camp

Jim Marchese Talks Marriage Boot Camp Part 2 Exclusive

Exclusive Conversation!

Recently, we talked to former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Amber and Jim Marchese about their new show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars which will premiere later this fall (read the first part here). Below is the second part of our conversation with Jim.

Jim Marchese Marriage Boot Camp Part 2 Exclusive

When talking more about how Marriage Boot Camp differed from RHONJ, Jim candidly told us that, “In RHONJ producers wrote in story lines. For example: [the] entire trip to Florida, Pig roast at my house, our family fire drill, Amber crying about cancer all the time, Amber visiting Teresa with Victoria Gotti and calling her about prison.  All those stories were manufactured for dramatic effect by Andy.”

“The only real scenes I did were with my wife in the barn photo-shoot and the gallery dinner,” he continued. “Look at the season climax in Florida. The Florida trip was 100% a producer’s storyline, Teresa never could have gone, nor was that home/boat owned by a ‘Dina’s friend.’ I had a one day ticket and was set to be thrown out months before going and that was set up by Amber being forced by production to go to a book signing and then Gotti’s house for the whole Rino f*cked the twins mom thing. RHONJ production created characters and fake lives to make their favorites like Dina and Teresa look good, but in the end it’s all on big green screen using Bravo’s money.”

The two experiences could not have been more different,” Jim elaborated. “We were treated like professionals in all respects.”

So what can fans expect to see from Amber and Jim and what’d the pair learn from their experience? Stay tuned for part 3 of our exclusive interview tomorrow.

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