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Catelynn Lowell Opens Up On Panic Attacks

Opening Up!

Last night, Teen Mom OG premiered on MTV. During the two episodes MTV showed last night, we saw Catelynn Lowell opening up about her struggles with anxiety and depression. Recently, Lowell talked to US Weekly about her struggle with depression and that, after getting treatment, she’s had two panic attacks, which is an improvement for her. Read on for details.

Catelynn Lowell Opens Up On Panic Attacks

Lowell told US that, “I’ve only had two panic attacks since I’ve been out, and they’ve been very easy to manage, which is good. And I’m just enjoying life. Taking Nova out right now and going to the beach and exploring. And starting to do things that I want to do. So it’s been good.”

She went on to say, “But it’s definitely just still a long road ahead. Lots of therapy. Lots of finding out more about myself and digging deeper. And that’s only going to help the future, I think. So I’ve got to stay on that path and continue to keep doing that.”

We applaud Lowell for being unafraid to share this part of her journey with her fans and continue to wish her well.

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