David Lopez Talks “Dating Naked” Experience! EXCLUSIVE

This season of Dating Naked has been absolutely amazing and brought some amazing daters to the table this season. So many of the contestants are amazing and interesting people, and we definitely have enjoyed talking with the contestants and hearing each of their very unique stories. Season three contestant David Lopez was featured on three episodes this season and definitely left viewers and even his co-stars wanting more. Lopez definitely had a great connection with Natalie Jansen, and gave the other contestants a run for their money. Lopez decided to leave much to Natalie’s dismay, but what is the real reason that David decided to leave the island? We caught with Lopez and asked him some of fans burning questions. Check out what he had to say below!


There are a lot of hopeful daters out there that apply to be on the hit VH1 show every year, and not everyone gets the chance of a lifetime to travel to a tropical paradise and date on national television completely naked. David told us his way of getting on the show was really funny and different than how most contestants get on the show. “My two best friends were kind of drunk and watching the show one night, and they decided to sign me up for the show. I didn’t even know about it,” David shared with us, “One day, I get this random call from someone in California and the rest is history. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, so I decided to roll with it and see what happens.”


David had actually never seen the show before getting cast on the show and he really didn’t know what to expect, but David’s laid back attitude definitely helped him a lot once he got to the island. He told us that, “It’s not as bad as everyone might think. I kind of got over it really quickly. You’re just talking to someone else and you just happen to not be wearing clothes.” David’s laid-back attitude also helped him make friends with his fellow contestants on the show. He told us that he literally got along with everyone and made a lot of amazing new friends!


David may have not been expecting anything to come out of the show, but he actually was fortunate enough to stay for three episodes, which doesn’t happen very often on the show. Jansen and Lopez definitely seemed to have chemistry and we thought David might be the one that Natalie ended up picking out of all the competitors. Regarding his relationship with Natalie… David told us that, “Yeah, it was definitely a very genuine connection… but like I said on the show, I’m not really looking for a girlfriend right now. Maybe if I met Natalie five years from now, I’d really try to commit myself… but i’m just a point in my life right now where i’m really focused on work, I have my friends, and I really want to travel the world. These are things that you can’t really if you invest your time in other places like a relationship or things like that. I came on the show for the experience.” All of these things ended up contributing to the mutual decision for David to return back to New York, even if Natalie wasn’t very pleased with the decision.


Right now, David is having fun living one day at a time in New York! He actually just traveled to Brazil and is enjoying his time there. David told us that he keeps in contact with a lot of the other contestants including Natalie! We wish David the best in his future endeavors and hope he continues to follow his dreams and accomplish all of his goals!


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