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Countess Luann- Tom Is A Good Man

Defending Her Man!

This week’s finale of the eighth season of The Real Housewives of New York City was quite the drama-fueled episode with Countess Luann finding out her fiance, Tom D’Agostino, had an indiscretion and was caught making out with another woman. Luann took to her Bravo blog this week to explain her thoughts on what happened and defend her man a little bit. What did she say?

Countess Luann Tom Is A Good Man

“If you can’t forgive someone you love, then who can you forgive?” Luann began her blog by asking.

“It took me some time to pull myself together after the initial shock,” she continued, dishing on when she saw the photographic proof of D’Agostino making out with another woman. “My gut reaction was to think about how this looked to my friends and family, and it wasn’t until I had time to think that I began to understand what I was feeling.”

“We all make mistakes,” she added, “and some we make in private and others we make for the world to see. After I found out about what Tom had done, I had to dig deep within myself to find the love to forgive, but I did. I forgave him shortly after reuniting back in New York. Was it easy? No way. Am I glad I did? Absolutely.”

“We are still engaged and are finalizing our New Year’s Eve wedding plans,” she continued revealing. “He’s a good man and we love each other. We will stand the test of time regardless of what those women try to do to ruin our happiness.”

She also elaborated by adding that, “…regardless of what happens in life, Tom and I will always love each other.”

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