Jenelle Evans Miscarriage

Jenelle Evans- I Had A Miscarriage

Miscarriage Revealed!

Recently, we reported that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans confirmed that she is pregnant with her third child (read about that here). Interestingly and sadly, Evans revealed yesterday to US Weekly that, prior to her newest pregnancy, she went through a miscarriage with another child of boyfriend David Eason‘s. Read on to see what she specifically said.

Jenelle Evans Miscarriage Prior To Pregnancy

Evans dished to US that she first found out she was pregnant with a child of Eason’s in April. 

“I was really, really confused because I was seeing an endocrinologist for my health issues I’ve been having,” she explained of how she found out she was pregnant then, “and she told me that she did blood tests on me to check everything out. She wasn’t even trying to check for pregnancy.”

Evans then said she decided to get a second opinion while in Los Angeles for the last Teen Mom 2 reunion.

She stated that, “I had an appointment… while I was in L.A. for the reunion, and I said, ‘Look, my endocrinologist says I’m pregnant, now I’m bleeding, I need to know what’s up. And he was like, ‘Well, we did an ultrasound, we did a urine sample and we did a blood test. Everything is coming back that you’re not pregnant.”

“So I told my endocrinologist [about the negative results],” she continued, “and when I went home, my endocrinologist said, ‘Well, it looks like you had a miscarriage.’ So actually instead of it being my period I [thought I] had, I guess [it was] a miscarriage the month before I even got pregnant. And that’s when everyone thought I was pregnant at first.”

Evans also dished that her and Eason talked about having another child together, but not until “after we get married, after we have the house, and after we’re completely settled and everything calms down and we’re in the new house.”

So what happened?

Evans told US that her endocrinologist had her off of birth control and she got pregnant due to Eason using a condom that busted due to it being “cheap.”

Regardless, Evans wrapped with telling US how excited she is about her daughter to be, stating, “I’ve got my girl now, and I’m very ecstatic, very happy to be actually decorating stuff and all girls stuff, and all my friends are like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re going to be so spoiled! Because all my friends, they just have little boys, so it’s like everyone is just so super excited for me!”

We will continue to keep you posted on all things related to Evans’s pregnancy.

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