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Jenelle Evans Threatening To Sue MTV? Exclusive

Threatening To Sue?

Last night, we reported that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans left the VMAs after the red carpet after her boyfriend David Eason was not allowed in (read about that here). While she has denied the claims- stating she wasn’t “kicked out” and had a pre-scheduled business meeting- she did blast MTV in a deleted Snapchat post (see that here). Now, Evans has tweeted to us- and one other user- a screenshot that “proves” she had a business meeting; however, rather than necessarily prove the business meeting was pre-scheduled, she seemingly revealed in the text she may be threatening to sue MTV. What do we mean?

Jenelle Evans VMAS Threatening To Sue MTV? Exclusive

Here is the tweet and zoomed in text Evans sent to us and one other user to prove her business meeting:

Jenelle Evans VMAS Jenelle Evans VMAS

A lot to us stands out in this text, including the following:

  • Evans had claimed this “business meeting” was pre-scheduled yet in the text she says “ok requesting an uber now” which doesn’t necessarily make it sound pre-scheduled.
  • The person texting her also says they can “maybe even sue that chanel on your behalf.” While it’s not necessarily MTV, as it doesn’t directly state that, Evans was clearly upset with MTV last night based on her Snapchat post she deleted, so that would make sense that is the “chanel” they’re referencing (and yes, I know channel is not spelled correctly).
  • Evans also responds she’ll “show” the “contract,” which we’re guessing is her contract with MTV. Again, this is not confirmed, but it seems like that’s what she’s talking about.

Since posting this, Evans has removed it, which is not unlike her.

UPDATEThe Ashleys Reality Roundup is reporting Evans is supposed to do a new show and that the network she was threatening to sue was NOT MTV.

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