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Teresa Didn’t Want Rosie On RHONJ Exclusive

Behind The Scenes Exclusive!

Last night on The Real Housewives of New JerseyMelissa Gorga and Dolores Catania were seen talking. When Jacqueline Laurita thought they were talking about her, you hear one of them say “this is crazy.” While that seemed like they were talking about Laurita, we have exclusively learned what happened to make them say that- and it has to do with Teresa Giudice and Rosie Pierri. Read on for details!

Teresa Giudice Rosie Didn’t Want Her On Show Exclusive

According to multiple insiders we spoke to, we have learned that Rosie’s name was brought up and Teresa was less than happy that her cousin was being discussed. 

Due to this, Teresa threw the raisinettes in the air and got upset, which led to the “this is crazy” comment.

In addition, all of our insiders confirmed that Teresa definitely did NOT want Rosie on the show and was upset by her being brought up.

While the creative editing tried to make it look like it was about Laurita, all of our sources we reached out to confirmed it had nothing to do with her.

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