Jenelle Drinking While Pregnant?

Drinking While Pregnant?

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, who we will say looks gorgeous pregnant, is coming under fire from fans who are accusing her of drinking while pregnant. Why are they accusing her and what is her response? Read on for details.

Jenelle Drinking While Pregnant?

Fans on social media have been questioning if Evans was pregnant due to the following two photos that have surfaced from the night of the VMA’s, which we exclusively reported she ended up leaving due to her boyfriend not being allowed in (read more on that here):

Jenelle Evans Drinking Jenelle Evans Drinking

In the first picture from Eason’s Snapchat, there are clearly two bottles that are open. They appear to be champagne; however, to be clear, that does not mean that Evans was necessarily drinking out of them and/or they could have been non-alcoholic.

In the second picture, Evans is seen pushing a drink out of the way; however, to be clear, that does not mean there was alcohol in that beverage or that it was hers. In fact someone she was out with that night claimed she was having a non-alcoholic beverage.

We are hopeful that Evans is not drinking while pregnant and that the people questioning it are not correct, as this clearly wouldn’t be a good idea for anyone to do. In addition, Evans has said how excited she is to have a baby girl, so we’re hopeful she is doing everything to have the healthiest baby possible.

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