Kail Lowry Breaks Her Silence On All The Rumors

Breaking Her Silence!

Since Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry‘s soon to be ex-husband Javi Marroquin arrived home, there have been a ton of stories put out about their marriage, what went wrong, and more. Lowry has stayed silent in response to all of them, until yesterday, when she finally took to her personal blog to address all of what is being said. What did she have to say?

Kail Lowry Breaks Her Silence On All The Rumors

In a post entitled Setting The Record Straight, Lowry wrote, “I’m breaking my silence and addressing all of the rumors that have been swirling around since I announced my divorce months ago. A marriage should be between two people,however, since others feel the need to comment on it constantly with false statements I’m setting the record straight.”

“There was nothing specific or dramatic that ended my marriage,” she continued. “There were problems for a very long time, things that we swept under the rug to try to keep our family together. What happened? I woke up. I decided my boys deserved to see their mom happy and witness a relationship based on love, not tolerance. If I couldn’t give them that example of a marriage, I’d rather wait until I could and focus on becoming the best mother and person I could be in the meantime.”

Lowry then went on to address her miscarriage (read more on that here) by saying, “My MISCARRIAGE, let me repeat that, MISCARRIAGE (since some apparently know the inner workings of my uterus and said I had an abortion) just added to the problems in my marriage/soon to be divorce when I had no support through the grieving process. I had blame, anger, and shame but no support.”

After addressing that, Lowry talked more about the specifics regarding her divorce, sharing that, “I filed for divorce in December, I have been separated since then. You cannot have a divorce finalized when someone is deployed, but we were separated… Back and forth at times. But we have both seen other people during this time. Were there times we contemplated getting back together? Hell yes. I wanted to keep my family together. At the end of the day, and I can only speak for myself, I did not change my behaviors or my mind on what I wanted/want to do in life. I felt trapped in my own life for a long time. There was also too much outside involvement in the marriage since the beginning, and it has continued up until this point. I made the decision to continue with the divorce.”

Have I been dating? Yeah,” Lowry added. “Is it ultimately my decision if I do? Yes! I’m separated, pending divorce, it’s not a crime to date. What’s okay for one has to be okay for the other and that’s all I’ll say about that.”

She further elaborated that, “These ‘friends’ I had that decided to turn their back on me, that’s okay. But people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. They jumped ship and do and say what they say… I didn’t lose anything besides fake relationships in the process, so I think it worked out pretty well.”

Lowry wrapped with saying that, “Unfortunately, this was a marriage that ended but there are still children involved. I have kept my mouth shut because I didn’t think we needed to involve more people during this sensitive time... And it’s the father of my child so I never want to bash him. I would never want my children to think poorly of the person I was once married to. I can’t control what the other side does, but it was time to get my truth out there… But also stay positive and vague about it.

We adore Lowry and are proud of her for addressing all of this in a mature fashion and continue to be very much #TeamKail.

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