Christy McGinity Gibel Pill Popping

Christy McGinity Gibel Responds To Pill Popping Claims

Pill Popper?

Last night on Little Women: LA star Christy McGinity Gibel was accused by some of her co-stars on the show of being on pills. Gibel, whose always been upfront about her former alcohol problem and her commitment to sobriety, talked to Radar Online to address these rumors. What did she have to say?

Christy McGinity Gibel Pill Popping Reaction

In response to the allegations, Gibel claimed that, “They know what buttons to push. They know making false accusations would get me riled up, because I’m so excited and happy about my sobriety.”

It hurts that they would stoop to that level,” she continued.

Gibel also addressed how what happened hurt her mother, detailing that, “My mom watches the show, and she lost her s***. It was really bad. She knows how much how my sobriety means to me. It upset me that it upset my mom more than anything.”

Gibel wrapped with telling Radar that, “If you poke the bear so many times, mama bear is going to say something!” definitely hinting that she may be biting back at them soon.

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